How to Properly Clean Your Windows

Read this article to keep your windows and glass doors looking their best!

This is the easiest method to clean your windows.

What You'll Need

You will only need five every-day tools: a water bucket, a sponge, a dry cloth, a squeegee, and a detergent. That’s it! 

Let's get Started


Step 1

Fill your bucket with warm water and add a little bit of  detergent (like Windex).


Step 2

Soak the sponge in the water-detergent mix and starting from the very top, clean your window frames.


Step 3

Re-soak your sponge in the soap water mix and start cleaning the windows with the sponge. Make sure every inch of the window is covered in soap water.

You can either start in one of the top corners and horizontally snake your way down the window, making an s-shape until you reach the bottom of the window.


Starting from the top right or left corner, drag the soapy sponge downwards to the very bottom, then repeat the process progress horizontally until you’ve covered all of the window.

Step 4

Use your squeegee and starting from the top, wipe your windows straight down. Leave about a bit of room at the top so you can start each stroke from a dry area.


Step 5

Use the cloth to dry any extra water after each stroke. If you won’t, there will be visible white lines on your window.


That’s all there is to it! Keeping your windows clean is a simple way to keep your house looking beautiful!

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