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Sliding Door Repair

Window Repair

Impact Proof Glass Repair

Sliding Track and Roller Repair

Door Handle Replacement

Lock Repair & Replacement

Sliding Glass Door Repair

Siding doors add to your home or office but become a nuisance if they do not work properly, whether a track bent a bit out of place or it seems a roller has broken.

Window Repair

Stuck windows or windows that are difficult to move are not only irritating but can cause damage to you or your window pane. It's better to repair sooner rather than later!

Door handle replacement

Door handles are a vital part of a door. Not only for utility but aesthetic as well. If your door handle breaks, give us a call.

Broken Glass Repair

Glass can get damaged for all kinds of reasons. From severe weather conditions to the neighbor’s kid throwing a ball in completely the wrong direction. Whatever it may be, we have you covered.
Sliding Door Repair

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Clients Questions

Yes, dual pane units are made by sealing two pieces of glass together with a chemical in between, to properly insulate your home. The glass unit is manufactured in our factory, guaranteeing a properly sealed unit. We will only replace a broken dual pane unit with an equal or better-quality glass unit. Our prices are low, but we do not sacrifice quality.
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