Single Pane vs. Double Pane Windows - What's the Difference?

Whether at home or at your business, your windows hold a big role.  to regulate temperature, provide privacy and save energy. 

If you need to consider what kind of window pane you need, or if you’re just curious, read this article to find out the main differences between single pane windows and double pane windows.

Single Pane Windows

Single Pane glass is, well a single piece of glass that’s held  between the window frame. Single pane windows are usually seen in older homes as double and triple pane windows hold advantages many advantages above single pane.

Double Pane Windows

Double-pane windows are two panes of glass, that usually have argon gas or another noble gas between the panes to help with insulation. The extra layer of material, along with the insulating gap in between is what makes them a class above single pane windows. Some manufacturers also create windows with an extra panes of glass totaling three panes.

Benefits of Single Pane Glass

Single pane glass windows advantage are that they are more cost effective in areas that do not need heavy use of air-conditioning and  climate control.

Repairing a double pane glass window also costs more than a single pane window as there are more parts and takes longer to repair.

Benefits of Double Pane Glass

The extra panes of glass and gas in between provide more protection between the outdoors and your home. This extra insulation has several benefits.

For one, your electricity bill will be lower each month. The insulation that double pane windows provides helps reduce the work your AC needs to do in the Summer to keep your house cool and reduces the amount of heat needed to keep your house warm in the Winter.

The reduced energy usage also reduces your carbon footprint.

If you live in a noisy area, carbon emissions and lower electricity costs are not the only benefits. Noise pollution is an issue in densely populated area, if you live near a major roadway or close to a highway.

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